Thursday, 2 June 2011

Minibeast Hunt

On Tuesday we went on a hunt around the school grounds for minibeasts.  We looked in the grass, under stones, in trees and bushes, on flowers, in the air and on walls.

We found loads of different creatures and were amazed that so many of them lived right here in our own school grounds
We were very careful not to disturb any creatures that we found and always  replaced the stones that we looked under.

Is there anything hiding in here?


  1. I wonder what the most exciting creature you found was and how many legs it had? Caroline (Laura's mum)

  2. it was fun looking in the school play grounds the most entristing thing I saw was a cacoon in the back play ground on a bird house under it we found a lot of cacoons we found 5 some were butterflys and some were moths. (stephanie)